If you’re reading this article, chances are you found already a decking contractor for your project. You probably have seen their quality work in person, checked references, and reviewed references. You are probably ready to sign the contract.  


However, you’ve got to take the time to review the contract before you actually sign it. You’ve got to ensure it includes a couple of basic details. It is well-worth to thoroughly read everything. Also, you shouldn’t be scared to ask questions. It’s a red flag if the contractor is reluctant to answer. 

Here are a couple of things to look for in a deck installation contract: 

Notice of Right to Cancel 

In a lot of states, you’ve got the right to cancel the contract within 3 days of signing it. if this is legally required in your state, a contractor has to include this notice in their contract.  

Work Schedule 

You will want to be able to see in the contract what times of day and days of the week contract builders will be in your property. This will help guarantee the work hours will not be inconvenient or disruptive. The work schedule in the contract might also include the estimated start and end dates. However, it is unrealistic to expect the contractor to include the precise end date. The reason for this is that there are many elements that can influence time to finish.  

Scope of the Deck Project 

This will include the details of the project to be done. Also, it needs to cover post-construction tasks such as trash removal, yard repair, and clean-up. It is vital to ensure that the contract contains this clean-up details since you do not want to be stuck with a lot of junk after the project is done. This is one aspect that a couple of contractors will try to skip to make them look affordable. However, it is a costly task you will have to tackle in the end to be able to utilize your new deck. 

Schedule for the Payment 

The schedule for the payment will specify how much you’re going to pay after the end of various components of the project. Also, it needs to include details on how you will handle the payment if a change order is needed at some point.  

The License Number of the Contractor 

A deck contractor needs to include their license number, address, and name on the contract. It does not matter where you are situated. This should be included in the contract. If it isn’t, you should ask why it wasn’t included in the first place. 

You generally want to look for a decking contractor who keeps their contracts as direct and simple as possible. You do not want a contractor who is attempting to trip you up with a lot of unnecessary clauses. Keep in mind that the contract should be fair to both you and the contractor. It should completely define the project that will be completed. You’ve got to ensure that the contract includes the basics.